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The Mountaineers Came Through

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“OMG!”  Was all I could muster up after we finally beat Kentucky earlier this evening.  Then I threw out the “and that’s what your state gets from our football team three years ago!”  Not really sure when it was, but I vaguely remember through my wine induced memory watching Kentucky take a big win from our beloved Mountaineers a few years back, costing us yet another chance at a National Championship.   I’m a die hard WVU football fan but I’m a fair weather fan when it comes to WVU basketball.  This season however, they won my heart.  How couldn’t they though?  DeSean Butler’s smile and Mazzullo’s football style.  What a season, and what a fun coach we have!

Tonight I watched the first half while at home with my kids, then my husband came home from a house party to watch the second half with me.  I’ve never seen anyone so nervous in my life.  He was on the chair, then on the floor, then on the chair, then back on the floor doing some kind of weird move like downward dog into cobra, and he doesn’t even do Yoga……Then his hand on his head,  then off his head, then arms in the air……while I nervously pretended to “clean” so that I wasn’t  in the room for all the drama when we were starting to pull away. It was like a dream come true, yet I was afraid to watch. Every  mountaineer fan knows exactly what I’m talking about…LOL….When we were sure we would take the win at one and a half minutes left we  grabbed the kiddies and ran up the street to watch it at my friend Rob and Shannon’s with a room full of people.  I literally threw on my Ugg’s, threw a kid over a shoulder and ran up the street to catch the aftershock.  Doc Joe met me with a glass of really nice red wine, which didn’t seem that appealing having the stomach flu, but I drank it anyway…

We all held our breath, just as Mountaineer fans always do when it comes down to a do or die, (and usually we die).  When the lead dropped to only 6 with 33 seconds left to go I thought for sure they were gonna take us down, that’s just usually how it goes.  They hadn’t hit 3’s all night and I could just feel the tables start to turn.  I felt everyone’s eyes on me, the comment “you better not have brought any bad luck with you” was made the moment I walked in the door, which I couldn’t get out of my head.   I had actually thought to myself, mmm, I wonder if I’m gonna jinx the game if I leave the floor of my own living room and head up to Rob’s for the applause..

Well, we all know how it ended tonight….The Mounties hopes are high for a National Championship….can it be???  I can’t wait to see….we’re taking the RV to Indy!!!


The Balancing Act, Juggling Biz, Family, and Retail Therapy


Well today I finally stepped off the plank. I’ve been procrastinating writing my first blog for months now. But here I am sitting 30,000 miles above Colorado, flying to Park City with part of my team to visit friends and do some training, and decided what the hell do I have to lose. So here I go!
I would say that I have a lot going on, more than most women I know, but I welcome that. I own two designer clothing boutiques, a bar, participate in an MLM and have two children, 2 1/2 and 7. Of which both are going on 30….old souls as they say. And a handsome husband that’s very successful in his own thing. So no, there isn’t any time at all to be blogging, but hey, life is short so do what you can in the 25th hour! What is that you ask? That’s the hour in the morning where my brain works triple time and my body actually keeps up with it. It is in that hour that I’m most creative, the time when lists get checked off, calls get made, new ideas for my businesses are birthed and when a little editing gets done in my memoir. If I am truly present in this hour of power my productivity can triple! So try and find your hour of power and don’t let anyone disrupt it, it can help you make leaps in life, love and prosperity.
So I’m pretty sure most of my friends think I’m nuts, but I’m okay with that. Not because I’m crazy, I’m about the most down to earth gal you’ll ever meet, but more so because of all the challenges I’ve taken on in the last 5 years. Yes, I’ve got a lot on my plate, def more than I can chew, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I think this year it will all come to fruition, I know with hard work and dedication success is the only option…
My typical day looks like this: Running from appt to appt, redoing wine lists for the bar and restaurant, finding cool new lines for my boutiques, participating in school events for my kids, having lunch with girlfriends, fitting in a 1 1/2 hour workout every day and making sure my family eats as organically as possible! Still my favorite part of the day is playing with my darling kids and hub and unwinding from all of the crazy beautiful mess of my life.
Yesterday I carved out an hour for a mommy and me nail appointment with Sloane, my 2 1/2 year old. She’s a diva in training and loves loves loves her nails done. It’s her favorite thing ever, and she spends the entire first 45 mintues while I’m getting my nails done rearranging the OPI nail polishes, picking out the prettiest ones. She is by far their youngest client so she really lights up the room when she is there. When I opened the door to get her out of the car (she was dressed as Minnie Mouse) she was holding an opened tampax (Not sure where she got that.) She picked it up and asked me if it made me feel better…LOL.. I said “yes” and she asked me “how Mommy?” Not ready to explain the birds and the bees to her just quite yet I said. “It’s a tear catcher honey!” And I held it up to the corner of my eye and pretended to sob which helped to cover up my laughter. With that she believed me 100% and took her “tear catcher” and used it on herself…..”I feel better now Mommy.” She smiled at me with those big baby blues, even with a tampax in her eye, what’s not to love….