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The Goal Line

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The Goal Line

What is it that keeps us from crossing over our own goal line for success?  I’ve taken a lot of time to reflect lately about the things that I’ve been successful with and the things that I’ve quit before crossing over that big, beautiful finish line.  Most of the things I’ve quit, I can chalk up to listening to that little voice inside my head that says, “It’s going to be so much harder than you think, so you might as well give up now…”  Who is that person anyway?  I’m pretty sure I don’t like him.

I’ve decided to evacuate Mr. Negative from the room he had been occupying in my head and out onto the streets, or maybe he’s moved into the head of John Malcovich.  Either way, I’m glad I don’t have to make his bed anymore.  My husband, Davey, has always said, “Time is all we have.”  And he’s right.  Time wasted on negative thinking is time you can’t get back. Besides, negative thinking just leads to bad choices—or no choices—and consequently poor results.

I was inspired today by my friend Monica to go for a three-mile run.  I’m an on-again, off-again runner because every time I get to where I’m physically comfortable running three to four miles, my ego gets in the way and I run faster than my knees will allow and then I end up injuring them. (I was hit head-on by a drunk driver during my senior year of high school and the dashboard ruined my knees.)

However Monica, who had similar knee issues, told me not to be a hero and to just keep at my own pace and build the strength in my knees.  So with that simple advice I headed out for my first three-mile run in more than two months.  My goal was to run the entire time, no matter what.  I soon had a stitch in my side, my lungs burned, and I felt like a water buffalo, but I kept on trucking.  I knew the real test would be the last two long blocks, which I always walk because they are at least a 15% grade.  But no walking tonight! I wanted to finish strong.  I planned ahead for that voice to say, “it’s only two blocks, it’s okay to walk them,” by replacing it with, “Go for it this time!  Take baby steps if you have to, just don’t quit running!  It will be tough, but it will also be easier than you think.”

I knew the pain of not trying my hardest would be greater than the pain of jogging up those last two blocks; I’ve found the pain of half-assing anything is greater than any pain or stress that comes from giving it my all, whether it be with my family, my fitness, business or friendships.

So I ran up those last two blocks today, and it hurt like hell, but at the same time it was easier than I thought.  Turns I’m still alive, I didn’t have a heart attack and my knees are just fine.  Maybe I should’ve tried such thinking seven years ago when I decided I wanted to be a short-distance runner!

When you keep the end in mind, and visually see yourself doing something to its completion, it’s so much easier to achieve your goal.  So get rid of the naysayers, whether they be the voice in your head, your family or friends, or your those who simply don’t believe in you, and go cross that goal line you’ve been unable to realize. Lubricate your thoughts with positive affirmations, and you will probably surprise yourself with what you can accomplish!

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