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Take Me Home Country Roads

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We attended the WVU vs. Maryland football game this past weekend at the WVU home stadium, and as usual, it was quite a scene.  The Blue Lot was full of underage, college age, and over age drinkers, all decked out in their blue and gold.  My husband drove over with the kids, and I walked.  Traditionally Davey and I walk to the game, which is about 2.5 miles uphill.  We enjoy the air, the people watching and the exercise.  My friends think we are nuts, but hey,  there’s no waiting in traffic either way for us!

We have really great seats right behind the band in the new section, but last week we were invited to go up to the Centra Bank suite and watch from there.  The kids had a blast, Sloane hung out with her new friend, Katia, that speaks Russian, and Vance played with his best buddy, Jake.  Davey and I mingled with the Centra Bank gang, as well as some other friends.

After the Mountaineers pulled off a victory, we lingered in the box for a while to let the kids play.  I walked over to the window and stood there to take it all in when the band started playing Take Me Home Country Roads.  Voices filled the stadium, and the echo of the song rang true in my heart.  I looked down through the big open window and noticed a group of ten people still lingering as well.  There were five people in one row, and five right behind them.  They were also holding hands, some with the people in the row in front of them, and some with their arms around each other.  They were all swaying from side to side singing John Denver’s greatest song ever.  When the song was over, the group started hugging each other, and most of them had begun to shed some tears.  At this point they had my full attention, and admiration.  An older gentlemen pulled out some pretzel napkins and passed them around to wipe the tears away.

It was obviously a group of old friends or family, but whoever they were, their love really touched me last Saturday.  Maybe they came long distances to be together, or maybe they just really love the Mountaineers.  Either way, it was a fitting end to a great football game.  They gave me an overwhelming feeling of joy, and allowed me to be in the moment with them.  Those fans had no idea that they were being watched by some random stranger that was totally caught up in their moment.  They brought tears to my eyes, and I felt the love that they shared, as an innocent bystander.  That’s the power of love.   It causes a rippling effect, even when you least expect it.

Show one really great act of love today, and I challenge you to do it with a stranger.  Whether it be an act of compassion, helping out a child in need, or just giving a compliment to someone you don’t know.  Our universe needs way more love going around….and what goes around, comes around.  (Go Eers!)

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