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Fear and Loathing

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Well it’s started.  Winter.  And with that comes a ton of fear for me.  I just took a left when I should’ve taken a right.  Right would have taken me down one of the steepest roads in Morgantown, which is the way I needed to go to make it to work out with my trainer.  But I took a left.  So now, here I am, writing at Starbucks about how much I effen hate driving in the snow!  Yes, it’s pretty to look at, but how can something so beautiful create so much fear inside me?  I would much rather jump out of an airplane 10,000 feet up, than drive in the snow.  Yeah, I know that doesn’t make much sense, but I would.

I feel like Frosty is sitting on my chest.  Oh God Frosty, how you make me feel so confused about you!  There is nothing more beautiful than a freshly fallen snow, especially in my neighborhood of old beautiful Victorian homes, lined with leafless Dogwoods and the occasional Evergreen.   It’s like living in a snow globe.  I love nothing more than walking outside while big fat flakes are falling down, hitting my face, and landing on my lashes.  Everything is so quiet except for the sound of the crunching of the powder under my boots, which I gladly welcome.  It’s also pretty funny to watch cars trying to make it up my hill, while enjoying a nice glass of wine.

But then there’s the side of me that just wants to pack my bags and go stay with my best friend in southern California until Spring.   Just run from it all! But that’s not reality.  Running from fear is absolutely the worst thing that we can do.   So in between all of my negative thoughts about driving in this mess, I’m trying to think of ways to make winter better.  I’ve got a pair of really cool Ugg snow boots coming this week, and they are hot!  And waterproof!  So at least if I’m freezing my ass off, I’ll still look good.  Yes, that’s about the most utterly shallow thing I can say right now, but whatever tricks I can play on my mind to get me through this, I’ll use.

Don’t let the snow put a damper on your wardrobe.  There are three things you must have in your closet this winter:  1) Jeggings – if you don’t have them RUN to your  nearest boutique and get them.  My store can’t keep them in stock! 2) Sexy snow boots.  Check out Uggs, once again, you can’t go wrong.  And I’m not talking about the Uggs you see college girls wearing with their sweats tucked into them.  Uggs has an entire collection, and they rock.   Yes, men too!  You need to literally follow in Tom Brady’s footsteps and get yourself a pair!  3) A great winter hat.  Hats are sexy.  Period.  Whether you are going for the Dr. Zhivago look, or Justin Timberlake, get your hat on!

I’ve got a few warm trips planned this winter.  One in January and one in February.  But that still leaves about 130 days left in winter.  Not that I’m counting!  It’s time to tighten up my creative thinking cap, get artsy, get focused, and stay positive.  If we let it rain, then it will pour.  And what we think about, we bring about.  So I can either sit here and pout about the roads, or I can grow some balls, head out there with the rest of society, and not let the situation defeat me.   I’m not headed to my trainer, but I am headed to a gym that’s right by Starbucks.  I gotta start somewhere.  Cheers!

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I'm a entrapeneur, working-mom, fashionista, health freak and go-to-girl. I tell it like it is. I blog about family life, diet and exercise, traveling and fashion while raising a beautiful family and learning to laugh at the many twists and turns my daily life gives birth to....I'm also turning 40 nine months from today... let's see how this journey goes.

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