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Screw Making a New Year’s Resolution

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NYR’s we will just call them from now on.  I feel like the words New Year’s Resolution’s are just tainted.  I can’t even physically say them anymore.  Probably because I failed at keeping them so many times before, that is until I started changing my mindset about them.  I’d set my NYR and it was pretty much the same goal every single year.   Lose five pounds, get back to my pre-holiday weight, blah, blah, blah.  (I’m gagging while I’m typing this.)  There weren’t really any bigger goals than that until the previous few years.

When I started setting life goals, and accomplishments, things started to change.  This year I’ve already written out new life goals and have started to put them into action. The things I want to get better at and the goals I want to achieve have to start now.  I don’t have the mindset of I’ll wait until next year to start getting better at this or that. When you know there’s something you can do better or more efficiently, or goals you want to obtain, do not wait for a specific date to start tackling them.  The first available moment you have to write out a plan or set realistic, measurable accountable goals, do it!  Start now and hit the ground running.  By the time January rolls around you’re already set to work your plan!

For instance, last year for xmas I got the French Rosetta Stone.  Oh wait, I think that was two years ago.  Either way, I only used it four times.  I’m determined to become fluent in another language.  I’ve chosen French because I think it sounds beautiful coming off the tongue, and I studied it for four years in high school.  So I’ve got a good base.  I don’t care if the rest of the world thinks it makes more sense to learn Spanish, dreams and goals shouldn’t always make sense to other people.  How many people thought Edison and Ford were nuts for trying to invent the light bulb or V8 engine?

So I say forget about making New Year’s Resolutions.  Make life goals.  Plan them every step of the way.  Find a way to measure your benchmarks, and keep moving forward.  When you reach your goal, make a new.  This way you have no choice but to keep growing and finding success.  Just the other day I downloaded Rosetta from my old computer onto my mac, this way I have no excuses when January 1, 2011 rolls around.  It’s there and ready to go!  And actually, I think I’ll start today.  Parle vous Francais?

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