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The Perfect Potato Candy, Just For You Sugar!

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The one, the only, potato candy!  Yes, it sounds nasty, and who ever thought potatoes, sugar, and peanut butter could be such a huge it.  I can promise you, this candy will be the hit of any party!

Ok, this is how ya do it!  I’ve found that getting microwavable potatoes will save you a lot of time!  So nuke it until it’s super uber soft!  Then, cut it in half and scoop out half of the potato.  Put it in your kitchen aid (you can also do this by hand but it takes longer and arm pump is an end result) and beat the potato with the dough attachment for just about a minute.  Then add 1/3 bag of confectioner’s sugar, beat until it’s mixed, then add another 1/3 sugar, beat until mixed.  Do this until you have used one full bag.  Then add about ¼ of another bag of sugar, when dough is firm enough to make a ball, take it out of the bowl and place it on a counter top that is coated with, yes, even more powdered sugar!  If the dough is still wet, knead in more sugar until it’s a little dryer.  The key is to NOT add too much sugar, or dough get’s hard and breaks.

Then coat the rolling pin with more SUGAR!!  Roll out the dough until it’s about as thin as you can get it, but not too thin or it will fall apart.    Then spread peanut butter all over it, as much as you want.  I’m a pb addict so the more the merrier for me!  Then roll the dough, like a burrito but without tucking in the ends.  Slice it and indulge!

Watch out, this candy has an addiction rate somewhat similar to crack!  BEWARE!  ENJOY!  And don’t forget to do at least an hour of cardio after sampling a few pieces!!


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