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To Think is to Create


To Think Is To Create

Whatever your thought process is right now, it’s creating your present moment and your future.  So ask yourself:  What am I saying to myself to create the thinking that’s producing the results that I am currently getting?  I think a lot of people get stuck on auto-pilot and just coast along.  At some point in their lives they just stop creating, or maybe they just stop thinking.  It’s not an easy task to first realize that you’re not thinking anymore, and then to consciously always think about what you’re thinking about.  Sounds confusing doesn’t it?  It took me a couple of years to become super conscience and to try hard to be in the present moment.  I’m not always there but much more so than before, and it’s made a huge difference in my life.

I’ve found being present has led me to be more creative.  Probably because some (if not all) creativity is spontaneous.  How can you be spontaneous if you aren’t present?  You can’t; it’s virtually impossible.  If there is one thing we can change as human beings, it’s how we think.  No one can control your thinking but you.  So that’s where the change has to start: the shift has to occur from negative to positive thinking, from “I can’t” to “I can,” or from “this is impossible” to “I can achieve this goal!”  If you can switch gears in your mindset then you can make drastic, positive changes in your life.  Negative thoughts clog the creative process worse that shoving a pint of white rice down the disposal — they will grow and expand like a gremlin in water!  When one negative thought (mental gremlins made of white rice?) enters your mind, immediately replace it with a positive affirmation or thought.  This is something that takes some practice, but it really works!

The answers to what you want in life are generally outside the box.  So crush the box, and put it in recycling!  First conceive, positively believe, then you can achieve.  When you have absolute conviction of what it is you believe in, and full intention on reaching your goals there will be no stopping you.  Figure out whatever/whoever those negative vibes/people are and address them — the sooner the better.  Get rid of them!  (They say you are the average of the five people you hang out with the most.)  So go find new creative friends, or hang out with your already successful buddies and colleagues more often.  Make it a point!

I was at the podiatrist yesterday and when I was filling out my paperwork there was a cartoon that read, “Whatever way the edges of your mouth turn, is the way your day will go.”  Oh how true!  If you’re thinking positive thoughts, it reflects in a happy face.  And a happy face is a welcoming face.  It makes you inviting, and opens your world up to people and experiences that a sour face never will.

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I'm a entrapeneur, working-mom, fashionista, health freak and go-to-girl. I tell it like it is. I blog about family life, diet and exercise, traveling and fashion while raising a beautiful family and learning to laugh at the many twists and turns my daily life gives birth to....I'm also turning 40 nine months from today... let's see how this journey goes.

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  1. “Crush the box,” I appreciate this thought. Also like the notion that we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with.

    From a fellow West Virginia blogger, I’m glad to have discovered this online space. Keep up the inspiring writings Shannon!


  2. Why is it that Friday night I am ready to crush the box and kick some ass, but Monday morning I just want to go back to bed? Sigh.


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