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Dancing Queen (or rather princess)

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Oh my God…!  If you had front row seats to my three-year-old dancing right now, you’d either be peeing your pants or picking up your phone to call your agent.  Seriously. This child can dance better than any college girl I’ve ever seen.  She was born to dance and has music pumping through her veins.  It’s in her heart, it’s in her soul… It’s in her bootie!

She just invented the “Snookie,” in her alarming vocabulary, and could put Britney Spears to shame.  I’m gonna have to lock her up until she’s at least thirty, though I don’t think she can be contained.  It is so cool to see my kids’ talents busting through, be it Vance or Sloane, as they are for sure diamonds in the rough.  I know I’m bragging a bit (though isn’t that my God given right as a parent?) but I think I know a good dancer when I see one and she’s definitely got inherent rhythm and choreography!

It’s past her bedtime, but this is way to entertaining.   I’m not about to interrupt her groove, and this may be where I butt heads with Supernanny, but when your child is artistic and expressing themselves, NEVER CUT THEM OFF!! It’s times like these they develop their talents and can take them to a whole new level.  You can’t force creativity; it’s spontaneous–so when it arises, go with it! (Did I act like that when I was three?  I’ll have to call my mom and ask her, although I think I already know her answer.)

“It’s Michael Jackson, and the Jackson 5, when he was kid, Sloane,” I said as I hit play on itunes, with “I want you back.”

“Oh my gosh!!! No wayyyyyy….”  She said.  She will be moon walking soon, and mastering it!

I’m so blessed I can share my love of music and dance with my baby girl.  There’s nothing more magical than splitting the dance floor with her!  It won’t be long until I’m the second best dancer in the house.

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