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Bret Michaels and I share the same addiction…


As I was getting a mani-pedi today I was thumbing through US Magazine and I came across the one-page article on the 25 Things You Don’t Know About Me:  Bret Michaels.  He’s been all over the place lately, and rightly so with his miraculous recovery from his brain hemorrhage in which only 20 percent survive.

I found it very interesting that he lost his virginity at a fish hatchery, his first career choice was motocross, and he was born in Pittsburgh and is still a huge Steelers, Penguins, and Pirates fan. (Guess he will be rooting for my home team this coming Sunday in the Superbowl!)  He did mention that he was a Pitt fan too, but I’m gonna try to not hold that against him.

But the most intriguing thing to me on his list was that he is addicted to peanut butter.  As I too am addicted to peanut butter–as most of my good friends know.  (George, Rita, Amanda, Polly, Brozik….)  I’ve discovered through my nutty research that there are certain people who just can’t have a jar of it in their house.  Give them a spoon and an open container and it’s all over!  We just can’t stop eating it.  It’s the texture, the taste and just digging it out of the jar is plenty fun enough.  I like to stick my spoon straight down in it and pull it straight back out just to see how much sticks, and that’s what I’m allowed to eat. (I do eat the all natural kind and sometimes even almond butter–but that runs off the spoon.  It’s all the same addiction though.)

Last winter I had the bright idea to have someone hide it in my yard, but eventually I found it.  I’ve tried measuring it, and finally just had to swear to myself I would just quit buying the darn stuff.  But I’m comforted to know that this nut butter addiction thing is real!  There are multiple people whom I know that could benefit from a little PA therapy (peanut butter anonymous).

I’ve gone to lengths to overcome my magnetism to the butter.  I’ve even purchased a “peanut butter locker” that only my son has the key too-which I’m yet to install and I’ve had it now for six months. In the meantime, I just send the peanut butter home with the sitter and it only comes into my house if she’s there.

Bret, you’re not alone.  There are many of us out there.  Yes, PB is good for all of us if it’s all natural, and if only eaten no more than 2 tablespoons a day.  If the label has partially hydrogenated oils in it, toss it in the garbage because it is garbage.  If it’s all natural then it’s one of the best fats, especially if it’s almond butter, to put in your body–right behind omega-3 fish oils, walnuts and avocado.

Will I ever overcome this addiction?  Probably not….maybe I should get hypnotized.  So what’s your addiction?  Please share…

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I'm a entrapeneur, working-mom, fashionista, health freak and go-to-girl. I tell it like it is. I blog about family life, diet and exercise, traveling and fashion while raising a beautiful family and learning to laugh at the many twists and turns my daily life gives birth to....I'm also turning 40 nine months from today... let's see how this journey goes.

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  1. I think I’m addicted to my girls. Honestly, I think it is more than just the love I have for my kids. Good thing I don’t have to travel for a living like a lot of my friends. I get physically ill when I know I have to travel and be away from them. Its really bad. I have to be the one to do their hair in the morning, pick out their clothes, put them on the bus, be there when they get off the bus, read to them at night and be the last person they see before they close their eyes to sleep. I hope its no more than just a deep love for them, but I wonder what will happen as they grow and my love for them starts to smoother and annoy them. Oh, it is certainly going to be interesting. A good addiction to have I guess and one that I am not going to try and get rid of any time soon!


  2. Bret’s been going to a lot of motocross races lately, though I think he just had himself some heart surgery this week. He’s also sponsoring a “Rock Hard, Ride Hard” award from the 2011 Supercross Series….



  3. Yes, you know George over here has that addiction, too!! Eva and I have it hidden somewhere where he has yet to find it. He is not allowed anywhere NEAR the PB. God forbid I forget to put it away! He tells us he’s allowed “one spoon,” and then comes out with one of my giant Oneida serving spoons for his “one spoon” serving.

    I do have a friend who has such control, he has ONE regular spoon of it daily for his addiction, but that one spoonful seems to keep his cravings at bay. I’m more like him. I like it, I don’t crave it. Thankfully!!


  4. Haha- food!!! I can honestly say nothing specific. I love so much. Perhaps chocolate doesnt last long, but i do have the ability to put off the purchase if i know i should.

    I love peanut butter too- the crunchy kind. BUT i know so many people who really dislike the stuff tremendously.

    I do think i am addicted to my blackberry though.


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