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Texting Takes Lives….

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Do you text and drive?  God I hope not.  And if you do, I hope once you read this post you won’t anymore.  My friend Tim Cryster just posted a video on his facebook page about texting and driving.  It featured three different teenagers who had either lost their own life or killed someone else while texting and driving.  There are so many of us guilty for this.  One of the kids in the video said texting is the equivalent of closing your eyes and driving for 5 to 6 seconds.  Now that’s a reality check isn’t it?

The other day I was almost hit head on because a truck in oncoming traffic was stopped and the car behind him almost slammed into his rear and chose to swerve onto my side of the road.  My first thought was, “they probably didn’t know the guy in front of him stopped because he was texting!”  And I have to admit I’ve almost rear-ended more than one person due to texting and driving!  I don’t do it anywhere near what I used to, but it shouldn’t be done at all while driving–ever!

These texts we are sending are putting people’s/families lives at risk and are things that can wait!  One girl died…the text that killed her said “where you at.”  Another teenager killed someone on a bike because he texted “LOL.”  Texting and driving is beyond ignorant, it’s just down right idiotic—and increases your chance of having an accident by 23%.

I was hit head-on by a drunk driver my senior year of high school.  He was thrown through his front window and I took out the windshield of my car with the back of my head and the dash with my knees.  But me playing chicken with that ignorant human being that night didn’t need to happen.  Everyone in the end was fine but I have to compare texting and driving with drunk driving because they are both senseless acts that can take lives.  I never drink and drive if I have more than one glass of wine—it’s just not worth it!  But why do I even occasionally text and drive?

Tim thank you for posting this video, I hope everyone takes the time to watch this and let’s it sink in.  I’m putting my phone on mute when I’m in my car from now on and will allow it to vibrate when a call comes through—this way I’m not tempted to look at a text until I break my habit completely.  I think we all pick up our phone to read a text impulsively, and reading a text can be just as dangerous as texting.  A friend and I had a recent conversation that has inspired me to start using my Bluetooth again, it’s coming out of the box today.  This is just an added step to be hands-free when I’m behind the wheel.

There are a few ways we can start changing this bad habit.  If you know the person on the receiving end of the text is driving at the time—do them a favor and don’t text them!  Call them if it’s that important.  And if you’re driving don’t text at all unless you are at a red light or your car is in park.  Think before you act; ask yourself, Is this text that I’m about to send really worth losing a life over?

Turn your phone down and turn your music back up.  We are all becoming so disconnected because we are SO connected by technology……


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