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Love Bites…..


My once precious and sweet three-year-old has turned into a hormonal mess the past few weeks.  Is she getting her period already? If this keeps up I’m trading her in for a puppy. It’s probably just the small cold she’s fighting, I’ll give it some time.

Then she woke up one morning last week and decided she was “a mommy’s girl” and was a little more pleasant.  We did her usual morning routine: organic vanilla milk and Mickey Mouse TV.  Typically I have to wrestle her into her clothes then lie when I’m putting her in the car about where we are going because if I say, “We are going to pre-school,” she fights me, won’t get dressed and just totally rebels.

Later that morning I went up to get myself dressed and she yelled, “I’m ready to go to school now!”  What? No freakin’ way! Then I just laughed to myself, realizing that it wasn’t just the fact that her cold was going away that way making this shift in her ideals about attending pre-school.  She got her first crush.  (Oh, she is her mother’s daughter.  I had the same boyfriend from K-3.)

His name is Judd, and when she talks about him she lights up like a candle.  All the teachers kept telling me about their little fondness of eachother.  We all think it’s pretty comical.  “He’s not my boyfriend,” she says with a mischievous grin, “he’s my school friend.”  Thanks for clarifying….

He’s a blond, not my style, but whatever floats her dinghy.  If Judd can get her to be nicer to me and get her to enjoy school a little better, I guess it’s okay for now.  But it’s a glimpse into the future of what I have to protect her from and educate her about; love, heartbreaks, and whatever else that comes with it.

It’s funny because my son, who is in third grade, has absolutely no interest in girls.  The girls in his grade are pulling boys’ names out of a hat and selecting that boy to be their significant other, but the boys have no idea about it.  About a month ago Vance told me it was dress-down day and that he had been selected to dress up as a priest to marry Steve and Madison.  He said one of the other boys had planned the whole wedding, with flower girls, bridesmaids, groomsmen– the works, and it was all going to go down at lunch.

I asked him this morning how that all panned out.  He said he ditched his role as a priest because he thought it was cheesy.

“Well, are they still married?”  I asked him.

“Yes, they are.  But guess what?”  He replied.


“Guess what Steve is giving up for Lent?”

“What is Steve giving up for Lent, Vance?”

“Madison.”  He smiled.

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  1. You won’t believe my post yesterday was exactly the same thing….except I am stressball of note- and my princess has declared that she IS married!


  2. How cute! Grayson will be crushed though! The other day he came home from school and said “I love Sloane!”. And I said, “oh that’s nice Grayson, is she your girlfriend?”. And he said “yes!”. And then went into a list of all his “girlfriends” that he loves. Jillian, Brooklyn, Haley, Mylee and so on! At four, my son is already a playa! Lol


  3. Wow, I know Vance was smart, but giving up a girl for Lent. That is just pure genius! Maybe I should try that this year…


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