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If Donald Trump Was President…

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Please tell me that my ears were playing tricks on me last night when I heard that Donald Trump is ramping it up to run in the next Presidential Election.  May as well throw in Oprah and Arnold Schwarzenegger and have a full-blown celebrity race to be the one riding in the Presidential motorcade.  We could even text in our votes, American Idol style.  Now wouldn’t that be easier than standing in line at the local high school to cast our votes on a “hanging chad.”  Or is that a dimpled chad?  Or a drunken chad?

I’m not sure America or even the Oval Office could handle Donald’s comb-over for long.  And I’m not so sure citizens should text in a win for a man who has never had a drop of alcohol.  Please tell me he at least pops a Xanax every now and then to handle all that real estate related stress.

There is an upside to Donnie running and winning.  It would make for a few more good years on The Daily Show with John Stewart, and another good run for SNL.  But Donald better pull those radio ads featuring his company that anyone can be a part of, I think that’s raining on his image.

Another huge upside could be the possibility of the Miss USA contestants making appearances at his rally’s in teenie-weenie bikini’s.  I’m sure that’s bound to get The Donald some votes.

Maybe Oprah would be a better candidate.  I have a feeling she could out vote Donald any day just from her viewership alone.  For some reason we just can’t get enough of Oprah….or Harpo.  Or OWN-the Oprah Winfrey Network.  Personally, I think Oprah taking a place in the Oval Office wouldn’t necessarily be a good thing for America.  We need her as is, with more camera time, continuing to make a positive effect on America.  At least that’s my vote…..

Can’t wait to see who ends up in the primaries—it could be one whale of a ride.  After all this betting on the NCAA tourney’s, I’m wondering if there are bookies out there that take bets on elections.  I’m going to have to look into that.


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  1. Shannon
    Like you, I hope he doesn’t run. On the other hand, he has the backbone to raise some really good points and already has done so. Putting his bombastic personality aside he has (in my opinion) excellent thoughts on foreign aid, war, the cost of war, and even the Obama citizenship issue. My respect for him has grown after spending a little time listening to his thoughts specific to the proper way to run a country.
    He also doesn’t care if I drive a fun car and ride a 2 stroke motorcycle…just sayin’… 😛


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