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Dirty Laundry. Fashion Freaks.

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Friday Fashion Freaks is my blog about, well, fashion.  But also a place to air some dirty laundry.  I’ve owned a designer denim and clothing store for the past seven years so I know a bit about how clothes and good retail therapy can really make us feel.  Clothes definitely aren’t just about the way they look.  They are comforting, eccentric, electric, flashy, conservative, naughty, preppy, haute couture, vintage, borrowed and blue.

Speaking of blue, blue jeans, (a.k.a designer denim) are one of the best things that have ever happened to fashion (in my humble opinion.)  Jeans…oh… I could write an entire book about them.   I’m sure I have over fifty pairs in my closet.  They are slimming when you’re having a fat day, or sexy when you need just the right pair to go with the most amazing top. (On the other hand, they will gladly give you spillover/muffin top when wearing them to low and too tight.)  Jeans are baggy (boyfriend jeans–great for when you have PMS), high-waisted to rock a super-trendy style, low-waisted, straight leg, boot-leg, flare……Right now anything goes in the denim world.  A girl can’t have to many pairs in her closet.  Ever!

But we don’t wanna get stuck in a denim rut, (or in any rut for that matter!)  I try to limit myself on how many times I wear them a week so not to cramp my style.

Then there’s a jeans best friend, the sweater or top, because we can’t go around topless.  On a snowy day you can grab your favorite chunky sweater and a great pair of jeggings and curl up by the fire, feeling all snuggly and just perfectly perfect while reading a book.   Or pair them with an eccentric top and pumps for a night out.  And then there are accessories, the icing on your cake, whether subtle or over-the-top.

Please, don’t get me wrong, I don’t lie around in jeggings and sweaters all day.  I’m quite a socialite, and take undying pride in putting the perfect outfit together for a night out for a specific function.  I love to put on a dress anytime, casual or formal. At the end of the day, I’m a girly-girl.

But this blog isn’t just about denim and lace.  It’s about how we feel on the inside too.  We know you can wrap a package up and make it look all pretty, but when our box gets opened, we want to know the gift inside is just as beautiful.  I love the fact that clothes can help alter the outlook of your day.  Shopping therapy really does go a long way, but it runs out when your wallet is empty.  I think we need to try to become the most fabulous package we can because looks and fashion only go skin deep.  We need to love the skin we are in no matter what age, no matter what race, no matter where we came from.

Here we can spill the beans and encourage each other to be better every day and swap shopping tips and tricks.  I will give you the heads up on trends coming your way in fashion and try to give some good advice from my experience, from the best underwear to the best buy I see each week, I may even have it in my store!

Here’s to happy shopping, smart spending, and feeling glamorous all day long.

P.S.  Why can’t men ever put their toothbrush back?  It travels the same distance as mine?



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I'm a entrapeneur, working-mom, fashionista, health freak and go-to-girl. I tell it like it is. I blog about family life, diet and exercise, traveling and fashion while raising a beautiful family and learning to laugh at the many twists and turns my daily life gives birth to....I'm also turning 40 nine months from today... let's see how this journey goes.

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