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Naked in Laguna Beach


Naked–thought that might grab your attention.  I’m using the term loosely here.  I don’t mean necessarily stripping down to my birthday suit (well almost on a few occasions.)  I’ve been in Laguna for 29 days now and have tried to experience as much of it as I can,  mostly naked.   Packing in the best restaurants, the healthiest fare, the coolest boutiques.  I’ve tried to eat as “naked” as I can while I’ve been here, avoiding anything cooked for two meals a day and eating foods with the least amount of ingredients (other than fresh.)  I’ve also tried to consume more vegetables than ever before.  It’s been easy.  Hey, this town is set up for diet success for sure!

The Stand, on Thalia Street, has been my breakfast every day.  I stop in on my walk home from the gym and grab their vegetable mixture drink.  You can mix it how you want.  I’ve been doing Celery, Cucumber, Chard, Parsley, Spinach, Lemon and sometimes a slice of Apple.  It is absolutely amazing–no need to cook!  The Stand is a totally vegan place and has an incredible menu!  Try a soup as well!  Right now I’m having a bit of their split-pea soup, it’s to die for as well as their Lentil Soup! My nine-year-old son agrees (even though I had to force the pea soup down his throat at first bite, but then he loved it!)

I’ve eaten out 26 nights because my husband refuses to let me cook.  He said I didn’t come here to cook dinner, lol, I guess he’s right.  Every single night I’ve either had seared tuna or tuna tartare.  I never thought I’d ever say this but, “I’m almost sick of tuna!!!!!”   Tuna tartare is a “naked” dish.  It’s diced up raw Ahi tuna mixed with different things, usually a little sesame oil, papaya or pineapple, sometimes tomato and red onion, and usually topped with Avocado or guacamole.  I’ve probably had it over 200 ways in my life.  I am a true connoisseur of this dish!  The Lumberyard serves it up the best with 230 Forest a close second (they add crab in theirs.)

I’ve been to, which is located on Glenneyre, where I actually do get naked!  It’s a one-stop shop for anything you need really to feel healthy.  I’ve gone to Tiffani for a few colonics, she’s super cool and doesn’t make it seem weird at all that she’s having a conversation with you about paddle boarding while she’s injecting loads of water up your, well, pipeline.   If you want something out of the ordinary for your massage, David’s your guy.  He uses a Western (rhythmic patting) meets Eastern massage technique  (tons of warm oil, yay) to leave you feeling like you don’t have a care in the world.  He greeted me barefoot, with a hug, and wearing all black and sporting harem-ish pants.  Check their website out for all the great things they have going on there!

One last thing.  The Cliffs has the best app ever, raw scallops with wasabi, ginger and seaweed salad.  I thought it was going to rival the nasty raw scallops I had in NYC at the wine bar at Rockefeller Center.  This dish, totally naked, rocks!  I highly recommend it!  And it’s half price during happy hour!

Looking forward to some more stripped down meals!  Remember, less is more!


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