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Starbucks Won Me Back!


Starbucks is launching a new logo in honor of it’s 40th anniversary and will be the fourth time the company has changed it.  They are taking their name off, making the mermaid bigger, and taking her out of the dark circle.  She will be featured in a background of green.   Now I have to admit, I didn’t realize she was a mermaid, I thought she was the statue of liberty, she’s wearing a star crown, doesn’t that make more sense?   A star crown for star bucks?   I’ve just never paid much attention since I slam them. The cup doesn’t spend much time on the table.  It’s in hand, then in garbage.  The interpretation of their logo didn’t have a chance with cool, hand Shannon.

And how do you feel about this?  Don’t you somehow feel like you have a say because you spend soooo much money there?  I’m beginning to wonder if someone leaked it to them that I got my own frother for Christmas and have boycotted the place.  Maybe this was their genius move to get me back in there for a lifetime of purchases?  They increased the size of the mermaid because they found out that I’m a Pisces! I’m sorry about all you other Zodiac signs, you are S.O.L, but hey, there’s always next year.   Maybe in 2020 they’ll come out with a bull for all you Taurus’s. (Do you put an S on that?  Mmm.)

Whatever their move, their customer survey says, in general, their latte drinkers are not happy with the new change.  And it kind of looks a little generic to me without the words “Starbucks” and “coffee” on it.  Just saying.

But this is what the company is saying.  The new logo reflects better economic times, without all the budget restraints and handcuffs from the past few years.   “The Siren’s update is small but meaningful,” says there CEO Howard Schultz, “and is intended to further embrace Starbuck’s heritage.”   The Siren became part of their brand in 1971, at the early inception of the company when they were looking for a way to depict Seattle’s seaport roots.

“Our new evolution liberates the Siren from the outer ring, making her the true, welcoming face of Starbucks,” writes company senior writer Steve M. “For people all over the globe, she is a signal of the world’s finest coffee – and much more. She stands unbound, sharing our stories, inviting all of us in to explore, to find something new and to connect with each other. And as always, she is urging all of us forward to the next thing. After all, who can resist her?”

Well, obviously no matter how hard I try, I can’t.  This is one Siren that’s won my heart over.   I’m not taking the frother back though, my neighbors would kill me!

I’ll take two skinny, venti, caramel, cappuccino’s.  One to slam and one for the road.


Starbucks: Myth or Mouthgasm?


I have to write this right now, because it’s skinny-vanilla-latte-therapy for me.  I keep breaking up with Starbucks and then keep taking it back.  I NEED HELP!  Or do I?  Is this such a bad addiction, an ongoing affair, that me and the rest of America have?  I may sound like a crack addict, and I am.  I don’t drink these beverages, I slam them.

Five minutes ago I had packed up my laptop, etc and was headed out the door of my home away from home, when the tall clear to-go cup with the peppermint straw caught my attention.  I had to have it!!  Someone stole my last one, and this one was even more delightful.  So I found myself back in line, ordering another decaf (no latte), water and buying that damn cup.   So far today my Starbucks bill is $26.37.  Not good.  I’m a walking Starbucks commercial.   Some of you reading this right now and are shaking your head in total agreement, I know.  I hear ya sister!

I pretend like I can get over it, and move on, but who’s kidding?  I love the music, the coffee, the people, and the barista know how to put a smile on my face almost every single time.  And there isn’t a better atmosphere for writing, people are getting stuff done in here!  It’s total motivation.  God, they should just hire me for PR.  Although, I think they’ve got that covered.

Last night on Facebook I posted this:

Shannon Dolly Coombs:  I’m hating that I ended my love affair with Cappuccino’s, the break up is killing me….I miss my hot, steamy, foamy friend….

Here were the responses:

Jen B: Oh, take ’em back!! I couldn’t live without mine!! 😉

Susan: But why’d you do it?

Jen K: Don’t drink your calories!!!!

Susan: Duplicate using fat-free, zero calorie and skim stuff! An imposter cappuccino will fool you into thinking it’s the real thing if well-made I bet. Will be in touch…

Tim: Your ass could use a few calories. Drink up and enjoy!

Karen: Coffee is GOOD for you girl!! Slap in a splenda and some skim and keep movin!!!

My husband: I thought I was your hot, steamy friend (and yes, sometimes foamy). I am not gone, I just went to work early!

Me: I was doing skinny Capps and skinny sugar-free vanilla lattes…the problem is that I was drinking 3 a day! That’s 300 extra cals a day if you’re drinking a latte.(100 per each)..& 180 extra for 3 skinny Capps…(80 per each) oh yeah and a $18/day habit..oh my…maybe I’ll just cut back to one lol

Then my friend wrote on my wall later:

Heidi:  I need to say goodbye to Chai Lattes. You know it is time when a grande is not enough!

When I walked into Starbucks this morning and saw Heidi, I think there was a moment there when we both felt embarrassed.  It was the feeling you get when you run into your preacher after not being at church for a year.  But we got over it quickly, laughed and moved on about our conversations.

Starbucks, here’s to you, and your next ten million frothy capps you serve!  Keep ‘em coming…time for a third…

ME: Did I really just see you at Starbucks! We are completely lying to ourselves!! LOL!!