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The Power of Numbers: Goal Setting


Goal setting is a huge key, if not the key to success. I know, I know, we’ve probably all heard or read it a million times; track your progress with numbers!  I can honestly say that over the past few years I haven’t really written down any goals, and didn’t have numbers to back them up.  (Until recently.)  I went to a PSI seminar (which I highly recommend) the last weekend of August and there we set a 90-day goal.  Mine was to blog once a month for 12 weeks.  I added to my goal of hitting a certain amount of reads.  I reached both goals, and actually wrote 18 blogs and had 200 more reads than the goal I had set.

Was I shocked?  Yes.  Was I ecstatic?  Yes.  It’s not like my goal was to swim across the English Chanel, but it was a goal set and a goal reached.  It’s given me the confidence that it really does work.  Had I not done this, and stuck with it, I would be in the same boat now that I was in last fall.   I also believe that setting some attainable goals are what lead to huge success.  I’m also adding to my goal setting the approach of doing five things a day, no matter how big or small, geared toward reaching my goal.

Let’s take weight loss for instance.  If you don’t go the extra effort, your diet is sabotaged.  You’ve gotta count every calorie that goes into your mouth, and track the time and effort that’s put out in the gym.  Period.  There’s no other way around it.  If you’ve got a road trip and don’t prepare ahead of time, you’re going to be eating whatever the closest fast food restaurant or gas station has to offer.  Pack a cooler.  Or do what I did on my trip last summer to Loretta Lynn’s Ranch.  I took a college size fridge and plugged it into my car outlet.  I know it’s extreme, but do you know how happy and great I felt eating clean food that whole week instead of eating vendor food (at the event) or going to subway twice a day.  I had organic chicken, fruit, and even sushi that I stopped and bought at Trader Joe’s in Nashville.

If I can reach these small goals, then I don’t see I can’t set goals in any category of my life and succeed.   There is seriously power in numbers, and something magical about writing that number down and posting it somewhere visible so that you can see it daily.  It really works….try it.