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We all need a lil’ Hanky Panky…

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I’m not sure just how excited you get about your underwear, but I basically jump through the roof every time I slip a leg down through the hole of a pair of Hanky Panky undies!  No, I’m not kidding!  These are the absolute best undies on the planet as far as I’m concerned.  And even better, they’re one size fits all!  Hanky Panky really has your assets covered.  They’re beautifully made and don’t move around when you are working out (which is the worst ever–don’t go to Lulumon for their’s, you’ll be adjusting your stride the entire time at the gym to try to get your thongs back to the right spot.)

I started wearing Hanky Panky four years ago and have only tried two other brands since then and they sucked.  There’s no comparison.  Once you go Hanky Panky, you don’t go back. These are a great investment at $18-$22 a pair.  They don’t fade, they don’t lose their elasticity, they’re fashionable chic, they’re lace and you can’t tell you are wearing them!   Everyone I’ve turned on to them are eternally thankful 🙂

We just got in a huge shipment to Park and Madison.  We have the low-rise thong (which I wear), the original thong for the little more conservative and some adorable boy shorts for those that don’t dare to a thong at all.  Come by and try a pair, you won’t be disappointed.  (You’re welcome in advance.)

P.S. These make a great Valentine’s Day gift!!  We can help.





I hate when I go somewhere for an extended period of time and forget to bring my favorites things. (Although this is really my first “extended stay” for more than 7 days anywhere.)  But seriously.  I brought 5 pairs of underwear for a six-week stay.  Only one pair of boot cut jeans vs. 4 pairs of jeggings, and absolutely not one “beachy” thing for daytime trips to the sand.  It’s kind of laughable considering I’m a seasoned fashionista.  Oh what to do?  Davey says, “Just go buy what you need,” and wouldn’t that be so lovely.  Maybe he’s not aware of my price point shopping level, lol.  That wouldn’t really work.  I’d be eating rice and beans the rest of the trip.

I even left all my makeup except for what fits in my clear Sephora bag that I always keep in my purse.  How much time and planning went into my packing?  Obviously not much, considering it was done the morning of our departure.  My four-year-old complains of the same thing.


“Mom, I need a sundress!”  Knowing I didn’t bring any, because I was unaware of exactly how Californians dress in their “winter” time, I hold up a short sleeve dress and say, “Wear this one.”  She rolls her eyes, sure of herself that it isn’t a sundress.

“Mom!  It needs to have skinny straps to be a sundress!”  Born with an incredible sense of style, I know she knows she’s right.

“We will find you one, but for now pick something that you have here with us, please.”

“Ugh, fine.”  She throws on her hot pink petticoat skirt and leopard print tank, and her black Uggs.

“You’re wearing Uggs to the beach?” I ask.

“Sure am.”  She tosses her locks over her shoulder and marches out the door.