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War Against Weight…


Sometimes even though you are on the losing team, you still come out a winner.  Such was the case yesterday when I announced the results of our biggest loser contest, which started out as a mere bet per my request with one of my friends, then turned into a fourteen-person competition.

Yesterday throughout the day each individual headed to our local HIT Center where Kevin Sours was kind enough to give us a great deal on the bod pod.   We had our before and after results compared from nine weeks ago–it was neck-to-neck, or rather belly-to-belly.

As I watched people receive their results sheet, with smiles on their faces, it didn’t really matter what team won–it was obvious that we all did.  I saw some numbers in body fat and pounds drop significantly for some that had a lot to lose, and many of us that had our last five pounds to lose (which is the hardest to shed) hit our goals as well.  We had one guy lose thirty pounds and the transformation of his body has been amazing—way to go Todd Washburn, owner of Oliverio’s Restaurant.   He did it all on his own, besides the help from his two trainers: Will and Determination.

One thing (as a previous personal trainer) that just gets under my skin is when I hear, “It’s too hard to lose weight when you get older. I just can’t do it, it’s impossible.  My metabolism is shot.”  That is complete BS and what I really want to say is “Put your bagel down and get your butt off of the couch and onto a treadmill.  Eat clean, stay consistent and you will get where you need to be.”   My trainer, Archie Humpreys, a former Mr. WV, always reminds me that the amount of estrogen that females have in their bodies decreases as they age (which means testosterone increases) allowing for less bloating and fluctuation, and more of a chance to actually put on muscle.   And as your muscles mature in age they can become more dense and have more definition.  So even though we are fighting the war against our metabolism decreasing, we are winning the muscle maturation game.  That’s a pretty exciting stat–there is hope for us all yet!

I was going through my picture box the other day and found a pic from ten years ago, when I had the chance to fly to California to do a test cover shoot for Muscle and Fitness Magazine. At the time I was six weeks pregnant, so I was feeling a little nauseous and probably not as chiseled as I needed to be that day, considering all the hormones that were pumping through my body.  I didn’t end up getting the cover, the other couple that shot that day did, but it was still a great experience.

Ten years and two kids later, with the desire and mindset that I would get my best body ever back, I’m well on my way. I’d like to shoot some props out to the ladies that dropped between 4-7% body fat, some of them were over forty-five-years old—very impressive!

Once all the results were in, it was 110 points for my team ( and 121 for the other team (Spa Roma).  At total of over 190 pounds lost and 30% in body fat.  That looks like a win-win to me!  (Congrats to Spa Roma and Michel Blankenship–have fun spending your gift certificates from Vances Blues!)

P.S  We are going to ramp this thing up again to continue winning the war against obesity and to increase focus on eating optimally for your health thus increasing longevity.  There will be two categories next time:  Biggest loser and Best Physique.  If you are interested, email me at

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The Power of Numbers: Goal Setting


Goal setting is a huge key, if not the key to success. I know, I know, we’ve probably all heard or read it a million times; track your progress with numbers!  I can honestly say that over the past few years I haven’t really written down any goals, and didn’t have numbers to back them up.  (Until recently.)  I went to a PSI seminar (which I highly recommend) the last weekend of August and there we set a 90-day goal.  Mine was to blog once a month for 12 weeks.  I added to my goal of hitting a certain amount of reads.  I reached both goals, and actually wrote 18 blogs and had 200 more reads than the goal I had set.

Was I shocked?  Yes.  Was I ecstatic?  Yes.  It’s not like my goal was to swim across the English Chanel, but it was a goal set and a goal reached.  It’s given me the confidence that it really does work.  Had I not done this, and stuck with it, I would be in the same boat now that I was in last fall.   I also believe that setting some attainable goals are what lead to huge success.  I’m also adding to my goal setting the approach of doing five things a day, no matter how big or small, geared toward reaching my goal.

Let’s take weight loss for instance.  If you don’t go the extra effort, your diet is sabotaged.  You’ve gotta count every calorie that goes into your mouth, and track the time and effort that’s put out in the gym.  Period.  There’s no other way around it.  If you’ve got a road trip and don’t prepare ahead of time, you’re going to be eating whatever the closest fast food restaurant or gas station has to offer.  Pack a cooler.  Or do what I did on my trip last summer to Loretta Lynn’s Ranch.  I took a college size fridge and plugged it into my car outlet.  I know it’s extreme, but do you know how happy and great I felt eating clean food that whole week instead of eating vendor food (at the event) or going to subway twice a day.  I had organic chicken, fruit, and even sushi that I stopped and bought at Trader Joe’s in Nashville.

If I can reach these small goals, then I don’t see I can’t set goals in any category of my life and succeed.   There is seriously power in numbers, and something magical about writing that number down and posting it somewhere visible so that you can see it daily.  It really works….try it.




Screw Making a New Year’s Resolution

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NYR’s we will just call them from now on.  I feel like the words New Year’s Resolution’s are just tainted.  I can’t even physically say them anymore.  Probably because I failed at keeping them so many times before, that is until I started changing my mindset about them.  I’d set my NYR and it was pretty much the same goal every single year.   Lose five pounds, get back to my pre-holiday weight, blah, blah, blah.  (I’m gagging while I’m typing this.)  There weren’t really any bigger goals than that until the previous few years.

When I started setting life goals, and accomplishments, things started to change.  This year I’ve already written out new life goals and have started to put them into action. The things I want to get better at and the goals I want to achieve have to start now.  I don’t have the mindset of I’ll wait until next year to start getting better at this or that. When you know there’s something you can do better or more efficiently, or goals you want to obtain, do not wait for a specific date to start tackling them.  The first available moment you have to write out a plan or set realistic, measurable accountable goals, do it!  Start now and hit the ground running.  By the time January rolls around you’re already set to work your plan!

For instance, last year for xmas I got the French Rosetta Stone.  Oh wait, I think that was two years ago.  Either way, I only used it four times.  I’m determined to become fluent in another language.  I’ve chosen French because I think it sounds beautiful coming off the tongue, and I studied it for four years in high school.  So I’ve got a good base.  I don’t care if the rest of the world thinks it makes more sense to learn Spanish, dreams and goals shouldn’t always make sense to other people.  How many people thought Edison and Ford were nuts for trying to invent the light bulb or V8 engine?

So I say forget about making New Year’s Resolutions.  Make life goals.  Plan them every step of the way.  Find a way to measure your benchmarks, and keep moving forward.  When you reach your goal, make a new.  This way you have no choice but to keep growing and finding success.  Just the other day I downloaded Rosetta from my old computer onto my mac, this way I have no excuses when January 1, 2011 rolls around.  It’s there and ready to go!  And actually, I think I’ll start today.  Parle vous Francais?


Aspire or Expire

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Seriously, what is my problem?  I can not sit still.  I have Larry Dolly syndrome (my dad).    Maybe I’m starting to feel time ticking.  I can’t stand the thought of growing older ungracefully, or not having done the things I’ve always wanted to do.  I definitely don’t want to die with any regrets.

It was weird, today on Facebook, via my iphone, I kept seeing posts to a guy named Matt, who had passed away.  He was someone that I was “friends” with, but I didn’t know him from Adam.  It was so bizarre!  Everyone was still posting on his wall after they found out he had died.  There were posts like R.I.P. Matt, we will miss you Matt, your mother will miss you, etc.  It was heart wrenching and I wanted to type something, but I didn’t.  I was so bothered by the whole thing, but just felt better about not typing anything at all.  He looked liked he was in his 40’s maybe, and it sounded unexpected.  For some reason it really struck me hard.  I just sat in my car and digested it all for a few minutes after coming across the posts.

I know I’m healthy, but honestly I could get hit by a truck and killed tomorrow.  That’s morbid, but we all know it’s true.  At what point do you just go all balls out and do that thing that’s been scratching at you, or when do you decide to just let it go.  I’m definitely not old enough yet to let anything go physically, but I will be one day.  Tick.  Tock.

Reading things like that just motivate me even more to keep on keepin’ on, and to take things head on.  Whether they be mental, physical, or emotional, or a totally new venture, or something I didn’t do so great the first time around.

What is that one thing that you’ve always wanted to do?  The thing that’s eating away at you?  The thing that makes you feel alive but you haven’t taken the time to explore?  I’ve heard so many people say they wish they would have written a book, taken private dance lessons, played piano, studied this or that in school, traveled more, learned a second language, etc. etc. etc.  It’s somewhat offends my inner Pisces.  “Hey, you’re still alive,” I wanna yell.  But I don’t.  Unless your eighty and using a walker, you’ve got no excuses.  At least that’s how I feel.  We only live once.  And it’s your life, to design and create as you wish.  Don’t let others’ ideas of what your life should be like influence whether or not you go after what it is you want.  Believe in yourself, whether your task be big or small.  Are you going to aspire?  Or will you expire?

I’d love to hear your story if you have gone after the thing that you most wanted, after society’s expiration date.  What makes you tick?