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Facebook…Mark Zuckerberg hits the spot.


Well, Mark Zuckerberg, either you’re more of a genius than I want to admit, or its just an extra perk that we get from being on Facebook–warm and fuzzy feelings.   Today was my birthday, not a special one so-to-speak, but nonetheless, another year older.  So I’m talking about all the hundreds of birthday wishes I was granted via my Facebook “family” all day long.  They popped up on my iPhone at what seemed like every other minute, each one putting a smile on my face.

Honestly, it was a pleasant surprise to receive some “Happy Birthday’s” from long-lost friends that otherwise, had Fb not been around, definitely wouldn’t have reached out to me–most likely because we had lost touch along the way, but also because in this day and age, it’s honestly a bit of a pain to hunt down someone’s physical address and send them a card.

I even got a few random texts from far off friends, (Jen E.  in California) and a call from Gia in Annapolis–who used to work at my boutique, I was pleasantly surprised on both accounts.  Had it not been for FB, we wouldn’t have developed or renewed the friendships that we have now.  So yeah, Mark, maybe you weren’t thinking that far ahead, but I’m guessing you were, that Facebook evokes a multitude of feelings and brings people together that want to be brought together.

I just watched The Social Network the other night, which I utterly enjoyed.  Jesse Eisenberg, who played Zuckerberg, did a hell of a job.  And a high-five to Justin Timberlake–who I adore.  (Have you seen him in Dogtown And Z Boys? Great acting–go rent it if you haven’t seen it!)

As I sat here and thought about writing this blog tonight, I felt the urge to check out Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook page.  I had no idea what this guy looked like, nor did I care before watching his movie, but now I’m more than intrigued just by the genius of it all.  So I searched him, and “liked” him, along with his other 3,655,000 friends.  He seems to be posting things that are all for a good cause, (education etc.)

I hope after all that was said and done, he filled the hole that his ex-girlfriend ever-so non-politely blew through his chest that night in the pub. Or wait, did he blow one through hers with all the blogs he wrote about her after he downed a six-pack that same night?   I’m not sure if even three and a half million friends can make up for losing the love of your life…..but then again, maybe that scene was just written for the movie and she wasn’t the love of his life, but just a woman that pushed him over the edge enough to create one of the all-time greatest social networks…….

Either way, Mark made out in the end, and made me a very happy camper today.



(Zuckerberg is top pic.)