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Playing Dress Up…


A few days ago I needed to work at my boutique and thought I would take my three-year-old along with me.  I knew it was a gamble because the prior times she ended up rearranging all the clothing and shoe displays that were within her reach, along with extracting all the sea salt in the jewelry display case and sprinkling it all over the place–including me.

Although she still ended up wearing all the rings she could get her Crayola covered paws on and playing “check out” with the calculator, this time was very different.

By one o’clock we had been there for two hours and she was being great.  She entertained herself while I outfitted women in pieces they couldn’t live without.  Sloane made her way around the floor, checking out merchandise for herself.  After being quiet as a mouse for a little while, she walked over to me behind the counter and gave me a big red smile–she had found the lip gloss and had applied bright red Rockstar almost perfectly to her lips.  I laughed as she struck a pose then kissed her on the cheek.  I looked into her big blue eyes for a moment—that’s when the idea hit me to take her downstairs, (where I had recently set up a photo studio to shoot our models for our website), and get her in front of the camera.

She started out in her own outfit and twenty minutes later she was wearing a silver sequin tunic from my store (adult xs), which looked like a ball gown on her.  Then after that we moved on to an ugly Michael Simon cardigan from the saleroom.  I’m not even sure how that thing even ended up in my store, but it did, lol.  And just like any good fashionista, she kept changing her shoes every five minutes.  The entire time I was shooting her I just kept thinking, oh man, I’m gonna be in trouble when this little girl grows up…

We had a blast and it’s a day I will remember forever.  She was a true supermodel, giving me every look from sweet, to demure, to surprised, to even sexy.   She wasn’t a toddler anymore, she was a supermodel–my supermodel…..Her cat face….


Crossing the Goal Line(s)


Yesterday was such an incredible, amazing day, and all because I made things happen!  When the first of January rolled around I set some goals, mainly numerical ones.  The first was to hit 1,500 reads for the month of January for my blogs through WordPress, and yesterday I hit 1,555!  But also along the way I had been invited to do my first guest blog on, which also generated more reads (not sure how many but they have a pretty big blog readership) and then I was invited to do my own column called “Shannon’s World: Raw” (—raw) on, a virtual training website spun off Racer X Online and it’s picked up thousand of hits (thanks Tim!).

So where do I go from here?  It’s not even January 31 yet! I guess I could either coast out the rest of the month since I’ve hit my goal four-fold—which would be my old way of doing things—or I can readjust them now and see just how far past it I can soar!  Then I can collect all my numbers on the first day of February and set new goals for next month.

Numbers are such an exciting thing—unless you’re an accountant, LOL.  I’ve always found them to be pretty magical actually.  Who would have thought?  But when I look back on my last month having a number to hit has really helped me in keeping working toward my goals.  I see the number in my mind every day, which directs my intentions both subconsciously and consciously.  Each day those numbers just kept adding up and I kept getting closer and closer to the summit.

Yesterday a second goal of mine was reached.  A few weeks ago I wrote a blog about stepping back into the world of modeling after a ten-year hiatus (an extended baby break).  In December I set a goal of meeting with my old booking agent and getting signed back up.  Just a week later I was called in to shoot a preliminary campaign for a well-known bicycle brand, which was just for the advertising team to take back to corporate to see if their ad campaign would fly.  Yesterday I got the call that I was chosen for the real deal as well.  I was pretty darn excited I must say.

I believe that deal happened because when I shot the first time around I was 150% present on the set.  A pretty face, a smile and a 5’ 10” frame does not always land the job; sometimes they’re just looking for a soccer mom whom potential buyers can relate too, which means even someone like me, at 5’5”, can fill the spot.  No matter your looks, you’ve got to have an engaging personality to go with it because you are working long hours with a team of photographers, makeup artists, ad directors and sometimes the corporate folks. Ten years ago I would have let that totally intimidate me but I’ve taken a different approach this time around. I took the time in between shooting to build relationships with everyone.  It makes for a more warm and confident feeling when the camera is on you and also let’s your real personality shine through onto the film.  It takes the edge off the whole setting and allows you to not only enjoy the opportunity, but also get the job done well. I had such a blast and can’t wait for next week to shoot with the same team again.

But now it’s time to set some numbers as far as what I expect out of myself in the realm of modeling.  Do I want to try to branch out into other areas and maybe even start doing commercials?  That would be fun, but that will take an even higher level of confidence and engagement. I would definitely like to give it a try!

A goal not set is only a wish…….


Make it a great year,





My Best Zoolander!


Yet another full circle moment happened this week.   This was one of the things that I said I was gonna go and do, so I put it on my goal list for 2011, and started giving full intention toward it in the month of December.  A few months ago, I toyed with the idea of signing back up with my old modeling agency in Pittsburg, that is if they would have me.  So two weeks ago yesterday, I went in and met with my old Agent and they were pretty glad to have me back.  Richard, my agent, said, “there’s more work for a thirty-something than for young twenty-somethings in our market today.”  So I signed on the dotted line, figuring I’d get a call sometime in February, since January is a pretty dead time for advertising and marketing campaigns.

I got my first call two weeks later, and was booked the next day in Pittsburgh for a shoot on the South Side.  I welcomed the challenge although I hadn’t lost the extra potato candy weight from xmas.  It was only a pound, but I think we  know how that works in the modeling industry, lol.

The studio I shot in was amazing, with beautiful curved woodwork, but much set up like a high-end boys club, featuring a pool table, and bar area.  Bob, the head photographer, was great.  He remembered me from a shoot I did with him for a spa ten years ago.  So I felt right at home immediately.  To be perfectly honest, I felt much more comfortable this time around.    I started modeling when I was twenty-one, and quit when I was twenty-six.   I had no idea then how to network or how to be myself.  I was so shy that it was easy to let other models, the camera, or big-wig advertising execs intimidate me.  I honest to god hated modeling then.  It was great money but it was pure torture for me on so many levels.

This time I went about it with a totally different approach.  Now, that I know who I am, and love who I am, I felt 100% comfortable.  I even had the added pressure of doing my hair, makeup and wardrobe, which back then I never could have pulled off.  But since then, after owning my boutique and doing wardrobe for hundreds of women, and taking on a hobby of learning new ways to do my eyes and hair, I had it all covered.  This time was fun, and I just totally went with it.  I didn’t really have to pretend too much for the role either, which was great.  Steve, the head Ad exec looked at me and said, “So the campaign is about a mom, and she is a bad ass.   She doesn’t really care what anybody else thinks.  She is gonna get on that beachcomber, and ride that thing in three-inch heels, not caring that dinner isn’t on the table.  She is living in the moment, and is full of life.  Do you think you can do that?”  I just laughed, and said, “Yeah, I think I can handle that.”

So I spent the next two hours on an old-school-looking, powder blue bike, with the big handle bars, giving biker looks and killer stares, and it was a blast!  It was the perfect way to re-enter the modeling arena.  I felt much different leaving that shoot, than any other before.  I went up there thinking it wasn’t really a big deal, and had told three of my really good friends about it.  They all called to follow-up with me, and one had even left me a message the morning of to tell me to break a leg, and that she was really proud of me for going after this again.  The call brought a tear to my eye. (Which could have been due to PMS).  The support from them was so sincere, and just plain ol’ sweet.  I love them for that.

But the moral of my little story is this:  If you’ve tried something before and it didn’t feel right, but it’s still itching at you somehow, I suggest you go for it again.  Especially if you’ve given some time and space from it.  You never know, it may just be what you need.   Go. Do. Be.                   (P.S.  I’m still giving Joy her Blue Steel lessons.)