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Playing Dress Up…


A few days ago I needed to work at my boutique and thought I would take my three-year-old along with me.  I knew it was a gamble because the prior times she ended up rearranging all the clothing and shoe displays that were within her reach, along with extracting all the sea salt in the jewelry display case and sprinkling it all over the place–including me.

Although she still ended up wearing all the rings she could get her Crayola covered paws on and playing “check out” with the calculator, this time was very different.

By one o’clock we had been there for two hours and she was being great.  She entertained herself while I outfitted women in pieces they couldn’t live without.  Sloane made her way around the floor, checking out merchandise for herself.  After being quiet as a mouse for a little while, she walked over to me behind the counter and gave me a big red smile–she had found the lip gloss and had applied bright red Rockstar almost perfectly to her lips.  I laughed as she struck a pose then kissed her on the cheek.  I looked into her big blue eyes for a moment—that’s when the idea hit me to take her downstairs, (where I had recently set up a photo studio to shoot our models for our website), and get her in front of the camera.

She started out in her own outfit and twenty minutes later she was wearing a silver sequin tunic from my store (adult xs), which looked like a ball gown on her.  Then after that we moved on to an ugly Michael Simon cardigan from the saleroom.  I’m not even sure how that thing even ended up in my store, but it did, lol.  And just like any good fashionista, she kept changing her shoes every five minutes.  The entire time I was shooting her I just kept thinking, oh man, I’m gonna be in trouble when this little girl grows up…

We had a blast and it’s a day I will remember forever.  She was a true supermodel, giving me every look from sweet, to demure, to surprised, to even sexy.   She wasn’t a toddler anymore, she was a supermodel–my supermodel…..Her cat face….


Writing As Meditation


It’s been almost six days and twenty-three hours since I’ve written my last blog….but who’s counting? (I hope the blog-a-dayers aren’t reading this for they will know I’ve fallen already) I realized today that I just wasn’t seeming like myself, and had fallen into a bit of a depression. (Not real depression—probably just a slump.)  Then it hit me!  That’s what is wrong—I haven’t done my daily writing meditation for almost a week!  That was painful just to think about.   Recently I’ve discovered just how therapeutic blogging has become for me, almost more so than real meditation (which I still stink at) or doing cardio.  It’s my time to block everything out except my keyboard–the phone, the door, the kids, the dog (oh, wait, I don’t have a dog) the everything—and just say what’s on my mind at that given moment.  True and utter therapy.  Better than a prescription any day.

My husband even looked at me tonight and said, “I really miss your blogs Shannon.”  And coming from him, a very successful writer and publisher himself, means the world to me.  He said he could tell in my demeanor that I hadn’t been writing.  Boy, he was reading me like a book.  After that compliment what was a girl to do but write.  Right?  So I am in bed, in my robe, doing what I love most when I need inner-peace…writing.

I must admit I’ve used the majority of my brain cells today making business calls so this blog is definitely written at a second grade level.  And my creativity was used while making my photographical debut in my new photo studio in the basement of my designer denim boutique.  I got to spend a few hours shooting a model wearing items from my store–it was so much fun to be behind the camera and down on one knee trying to get the right shot.  Oh how my roles have changed, lol.

Well darling…. today this is short but sweet.  And as Scarlett O’Hara says, “Tomorrow is another day.”  So goodnight for now, it’s almost time for me to turn into a pumpkin.