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Roast That Pepper…


Well, I’m not one for giving cooking lessons, but this one is short and sweet–and pretty fun too.  Have you ever roasted  a pepper?  Roasted peppers are truly divine and I love them straight up or served with a hearty protein like filet or chicken breast.  This is actually easily achieved if you have a gas range–so here goes.

1) Turn up the open flame to medium-high and throw the pepper straight on the burner. (Or grill.)

2) One the side it’s one is charred–preferably black, then rotate it–keep rotating it until the whole thing is nothing but black.

3) Get an old-school brown, mini-paper bag and put the pepper in.

4) Roll down the top of the bag so it’s sealed shut.  You want the pepper to keep “steaming” so that the skin comes away from the flesh of the pepper.  Leave it in there for about ten minutes.

5) Take the pepper out of the bag and over the sink use your bare hands (or put on gloves if your picky) and gently exfoliate the skin off (it will come right off with hardly any work if you burned them enough.)

6)   After I’ve washed the black off my hands only I break the pepper apart and pull off the stem using my hands to get the seeds out.  I try not to run the pepper under the water because it dilutes the taste of both the sweetness of the pepper and the char.

***If it’s doable, use a grill instead, charcoal being the best!