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Gypsy Woman


Mortified.  I’m completely and utterly mortified at just how dirty my SUV was.  It’s my way of rebelling against Frosty every year.  Yeah, I know it makes no sense whatsoever, but it’s what I do.  I run from my car, to my door, from November through most of March trying to outrun Mr. Winter, and most of the time don’t unload–anything.

Today I pulled out an entire wardrobe–four dresses, eight tops, four pairs of jeans, three sets of workout gear, three coffee mugs, an empty bowl of oatmeal, and last but not least, a half of a sub from subway, (which was not mine–I think it was left over from a  road trip Davey took to Indy three weeks ago).  I unloaded everything, and thought about having it picked up tomorrow to get it detailed, but there was no way.  No one in their right mind was going to touch that thing.   It just happened to be seventy degrees out, which inspired me to be outside, so I went to town on it with a wet rag, toothpicks and elbow grease.

Two hours later, after wiping off milk from my homemade cappuccinos, dirt from the backs of the seats where little shoes have muddied them up, and who knows what else, it’s still only half way done.  Are you kidding me?  How on earth did I let it get that bad?  I also found M&M’s, protein cookies, peanuts, four yoga mats, and ten reusable grocery bags.  Uh, yeah.  I think I need to simplify, maybe focus on being less of a pack rat, and maybe a little less eating on the run. (But who has time to think about that stuff when you’re running out your door.)

At least now it’s to the point where I can call in back up to fine tune the rest.  I wonder how long it will last?

I hope I’m not the only one out there that lives out of their car at times.  I’d love to hear what you’ve found stashed under your seat lately?  Please share so I don’t look so bad, lol.  I’m beginning to wonder–how does the way your car look say about you?