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War Against Weight…


Sometimes even though you are on the losing team, you still come out a winner.  Such was the case yesterday when I announced the results of our biggest loser contest, which started out as a mere bet per my request with one of my friends, then turned into a fourteen-person competition.

Yesterday throughout the day each individual headed to our local HIT Center where Kevin Sours was kind enough to give us a great deal on the bod pod.   We had our before and after results compared from nine weeks ago–it was neck-to-neck, or rather belly-to-belly.

As I watched people receive their results sheet, with smiles on their faces, it didn’t really matter what team won–it was obvious that we all did.  I saw some numbers in body fat and pounds drop significantly for some that had a lot to lose, and many of us that had our last five pounds to lose (which is the hardest to shed) hit our goals as well.  We had one guy lose thirty pounds and the transformation of his body has been amazing—way to go Todd Washburn, owner of Oliverio’s Restaurant.   He did it all on his own, besides the help from his two trainers: Will and Determination.

One thing (as a previous personal trainer) that just gets under my skin is when I hear, “It’s too hard to lose weight when you get older. I just can’t do it, it’s impossible.  My metabolism is shot.”  That is complete BS and what I really want to say is “Put your bagel down and get your butt off of the couch and onto a treadmill.  Eat clean, stay consistent and you will get where you need to be.”   My trainer, Archie Humpreys, a former Mr. WV, always reminds me that the amount of estrogen that females have in their bodies decreases as they age (which means testosterone increases) allowing for less bloating and fluctuation, and more of a chance to actually put on muscle.   And as your muscles mature in age they can become more dense and have more definition.  So even though we are fighting the war against our metabolism decreasing, we are winning the muscle maturation game.  That’s a pretty exciting stat–there is hope for us all yet!

I was going through my picture box the other day and found a pic from ten years ago, when I had the chance to fly to California to do a test cover shoot for Muscle and Fitness Magazine. At the time I was six weeks pregnant, so I was feeling a little nauseous and probably not as chiseled as I needed to be that day, considering all the hormones that were pumping through my body.  I didn’t end up getting the cover, the other couple that shot that day did, but it was still a great experience.

Ten years and two kids later, with the desire and mindset that I would get my best body ever back, I’m well on my way. I’d like to shoot some props out to the ladies that dropped between 4-7% body fat, some of them were over forty-five-years old—very impressive!

Once all the results were in, it was 110 points for my team ( and 121 for the other team (Spa Roma).  At total of over 190 pounds lost and 30% in body fat.  That looks like a win-win to me!  (Congrats to Spa Roma and Michel Blankenship–have fun spending your gift certificates from Vances Blues!)

P.S  We are going to ramp this thing up again to continue winning the war against obesity and to increase focus on eating optimally for your health thus increasing longevity.  There will be two categories next time:  Biggest loser and Best Physique.  If you are interested, email me at

Then                Today


Toughest Man Contest Made me a Tougher Woman


I never thought that today I would get my inspiration from The Toughest Man in the World contest, hosted on ESPN.  Watching Brian Shaw from the USA take on the toughest competitors in the world has actually turned my day around.  When I hopped on the elliptical in my home gym and turned on the tube ESPN was on.  (Which means my husband beat me down to our gym this morning.)  Me, however, have been very under the weather, with a horrible head cold, and it’s not exactly how I planned to start off this new year.  Frankly, I’ve been a bitch, and very impatient with my kids the last day and a half.  This all added to the fact that I’ve been in my house, with them, for eight straight days, only leaving xmas night for a few short hours and New Years Eve for dinner.  Do I need a break?  Hell yes.

But back to Brian Shaw.  As I started my cardio warm-up against doctor’s orders (I weighed the fact that the doc said if I get my body temp up, my virus will stay around longer vs. me losing my insanity if I didn’t burn some calories, I decided I’d rather pass out from exertion than go another day without breaking a sweat) I watched Brian carry 275 pounds in each hand for a long-enough distance, then turn around and flip a massive tire weighting over 900 pounds seven times.  Which put him in the lead.  As I stared at his massiveness, it hit me.  This man who only weighs 300 pounds, at 6’2” is moving these incredible large items, and I’d say most of that has to be chalked up to intention, and belief.  Yes, he is strong, of course, but that’s not what is really doing the work here.  All participant’s in the contest have a very strong desire that they can and will lift the heaviest things on the planet.  They were even pulling a 22-ton Mac truck.  Now think about it.  Have you ever had the desire to do so?  Probably not.  But they have, and with 100% dedication, intention, and desire they are all doing it.

Somehow ESPN has put me into a much better state of mind, which is a complete miracle in and of itself.  Sick or not, I’m sick of myself having this irritable attitude and will focus my intentions on building my new website and planning out my goals for 2011.   Yes, we all have our bad days, and none of us are perfect.  But in the end, what we think about we bring about.  The more miserable I let myself feel, the more miserable I am.   Sore throat or not.  With my intentions set to having a productive day, my desire not to be a bitch, and my belief that something still magical can happen even after the holidays are over, I’m sure things will start to turn around right now.  So here’s to a bright and sunny rest of the day! And thanks for letting me get this off my chest.