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Writing As Meditation


It’s been almost six days and twenty-three hours since I’ve written my last blog….but who’s counting? (I hope the blog-a-dayers aren’t reading this for they will know I’ve fallen already) I realized today that I just wasn’t seeming like myself, and had fallen into a bit of a depression. (Not real depression—probably just a slump.)  Then it hit me!  That’s what is wrong—I haven’t done my daily writing meditation for almost a week!  That was painful just to think about.   Recently I’ve discovered just how therapeutic blogging has become for me, almost more so than real meditation (which I still stink at) or doing cardio.  It’s my time to block everything out except my keyboard–the phone, the door, the kids, the dog (oh, wait, I don’t have a dog) the everything—and just say what’s on my mind at that given moment.  True and utter therapy.  Better than a prescription any day.

My husband even looked at me tonight and said, “I really miss your blogs Shannon.”  And coming from him, a very successful writer and publisher himself, means the world to me.  He said he could tell in my demeanor that I hadn’t been writing.  Boy, he was reading me like a book.  After that compliment what was a girl to do but write.  Right?  So I am in bed, in my robe, doing what I love most when I need inner-peace…writing.

I must admit I’ve used the majority of my brain cells today making business calls so this blog is definitely written at a second grade level.  And my creativity was used while making my photographical debut in my new photo studio in the basement of my designer denim boutique.  I got to spend a few hours shooting a model wearing items from my store–it was so much fun to be behind the camera and down on one knee trying to get the right shot.  Oh how my roles have changed, lol.

Well darling…. today this is short but sweet.  And as Scarlett O’Hara says, “Tomorrow is another day.”  So goodnight for now, it’s almost time for me to turn into a pumpkin.